We at Southwest Animal Hospital believe that the application of advanced technology furthers our high value strategy. As in all fields, veterinary medicine has experienced an explosion in technology. Often this technology is handed down from and adapted from human medicine. Early and accurate diagnosis is the foundation for the best treatment plans. Our radiology suite was acquired from Lakewood Hospital and gives us the ability to do image intensifying radiology, essentially video x-rays for specialized studies. (Barium swallows, nonselective angiography, gastrointestinal series, x-ray guided biopsies etc.). Our ultrasound is a veterinary version of one used in physicians offices. It complements the information we can derive from x-rays by looking into organs. Endoscopy provides another means of looking "inside". Careful hands on physical examination and the application of appropriate technology lead to the formulation of an accurate working diagnosis and treatment plan for the best overall care.