Open Communication

At Southwest Animal Hospital we believe that the client is the ultimate caretaker of the pet and the pet's medical records and we, as veterinarians, serve to advise our clients. Our feeling is that the veterinarian alone keeping the medical records does not serve a modern society well. Our society has become much more mobile and people are unlikely to live out their lives in one locale. With the average American moving several times in a lifetime, valuable medical records are often left behind. We feel that the patient's caretaker should be aware of the complete medical history and that the veterinarian should use the information to advise and treat the patient. At Southwest Animal Hospital, our first responsibility is to inform the client of the pets needs and a secondary responsibility is to provide the medical, diagnostic or surgical services. A complete copy of the pet's medical record assures that we are meeting the first responsibility to our clients. Unlike any other hospital in the area, Southwest provides copies of each exam or hospitalization, and whenever possible, copies of the results of laboratory and diagnostic tests (blood chemistries, ECG's, biopsy reports and correspondence with specialists). This helps insure that we are pursuing a course of action compatible with our client's and their pets needs and wishes. It additionally places the burden on us to be thorough and competent.